All the schools all around the world have the same educational system. This system depends only on teaching the children sciences and mathematics then the humanities and at the bottom the arts. All children were born artists but the issue is to remain that artist while growing up and this is the school and parent’s responsibility. Schools and parents bring up their kids on the concept of that if they don’t have a degree they won’t find a job and they ignore their hobbies and talents. Despite the fact that when a person do something he / she wants this person succeed in that field. The speaker in the video narrated a story about that girl whom her school told her parents that she has a learning disorder and when her mother took her the doctor he asked the mother to let him talk privately with the girl and to go out and watch her then he turned on the radio. Surprisingly the girl was on her feet walking towards the music. The doctor told the mother your daughter isn’t sick and advised her to send her to a dancing school. This girl ended up to be a very successful and multimillionaire dancer. All children are told if you want to dance don’t and if you want to sing don’t because these things won’t make you successful. However, the truth is if we develop our children talent we will generate a very created generation who will be able to change the world into a better place.

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