creative cv

my name is Menna Allah Ahmed. first of all i hate every one who spell my name in this way”Mennah” or this”mennatallah”. I’m undeclared student at first i was
intending to major in business then i changed it to economics and i’m thinking to change it again to imc. Sometimes i’m a pessimistic person and others i’m the most cheerful person in the whole life. I love to be simple and I hate to be fake. I love animals a lot especially cats. I love them because they are pure creatures. They don’t lie or cheat.I favorite hobbies are shopping and travelling. I really want to travel the world. I played basket ball for a while when I was a kid but I didn’t continue.I love to thing although i have a bad voice. I tend to do what I love not caring about people. I love fashion and i hate putting on weight. I’m a sociable person ,and I love to have lots of friends but when I’m upset I prefer to be alone. I think this is the most about me. Although I love to draw , I’m the worst person to draw , and I decided to show a part of my talent.IMG_5123

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