Creative confidence

Most people are scared to be creative and this is happening for many reasons. One of these reasons is  when they were trying to be creative in their childhood , and doing a different things they were frustrated by their colleagues or teachers , and as a result of this most of them when they become grown ups have this fear of failure to say something that the others won’t like so instead of creating new idea they quit. By applying Bandura’s way in dealing with phobias in people’s  lives and challenges .This seems like that any problem can be solved by dealing with it by following this ”steps ”technique and , and making people experience small successes which can make them regain their self confidence.  This story of this technical person who was sad that the devise which he invented was causing sadness and pain to children can inspire people to work on themselves and their draw backs. All people when they go throw a hard situations , they tend to reset their priorities, and try to make use of their lives and ask themselves why do they born?  Some people were born creative by innate, and these people have to let their ideas fly.

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