How to be creative.

This speech showed me how most of us think about creativity in a very narrowed way . Most of us don’t know anything about its steps , and how to reach them. Creativity is mainly consists of two pillars. The inside pillar is inside us which contains (knowledge, imagination and attitude ) . The out side pillar which is the world contains (resources , habitat and cultures)

Imagination which is the first part of being creative. Doing the ordinary task but in a different way is called imagination , such as telling jokes or asking for a sum but in a different way. Combining things is a main cornerstone in the process imagination to make from useless thing interesting things. The next step is called challenges assumption.Most people when they think about a problem that they want to find a solution for , they need a one right answer which is rejected in the creativity process. When this happens people will come with very interesting ideas which no one can imagine. Most people think that getting knowledge only comes from schools and books. However,  the main sources of gaining knowledge is by paying attention. People without attitude and motivation can’t solve their problems , succeed in their careers or even be creative people.

Habitat is the physical place where place where people live or work , and it can have a big effect on their creativity . Healthy environment helps people to be creative. Money is one of the resources but it isn’t every thing. Cultures is one of the major resources that people have but in most times they didn’t know about it. Each one of these factors complete the other in a very effective way.innovation_engine_tina_seelig

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