Not yetness

Technology isn’t fully understood or researched. people don’t know the exact consequences of it. Not yetness expression allows people to to have room for new ideas and innovation. That ‘s because the idea of having something that we don’t understand it completely will allow us to discover new things that we didn’t even know that it is existed. By this way innovation and creativity will emerge. Also in education this idea of not fully understanding is existed. Education itself is like technology. It’s purpose isn’t really vivid. Therefore, teachers in schools should leave a space for students to create. They should let them discover this purpose of education by themselves. The idea of no right answer must  be applied in schools because this will leave a space for students to be creative.


Most people who are associated with education see it as only some instruction and information. However, education is far from this. Education must focus on improving the intellectual abilities of students. Students should feel that education gives them skills and improve their abilities. Love is the key of a beneficial education. Students can be engaged in education by being interested and connected to the net work which surround. them The speaker gave an example of her son when she gave him a set of Lego , and she told him how he should do it, and when she came back  she found  that he made exactly like she said.She made the same experiment  again but with one difference. This time she told him to make it as he wants. He spent hours in playing with it ,  creating various shapes. This shows that if children were let to do what they want that will give them more space to create.

Professors, technologies and strategies of education are the main determiners of the effectiveness of the educational process


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