Twitter Scavenger Hunt

Actually when I first knew that we will use twitter in our next assignment I was so pleased because I love using Twitter , and I think it is one of the most interesting social media websites. However, I  was a bit confused about what we will do because I didn’t know how people can use social media in learning. I once read a quote says that” technology should be in every student and teacher’s hand because it is like the pen and paper of our new time” I wasn’t convinced by this quote until we did this assignment because I always believed that social media websites were created to have fun with them not more.


Now after finishing this assignment I have gained a great experience and knowledge not only about how to use social media in learning , but also in knowing a lot about about educational games by interacting with many people from different places and countries , and this was very funny to communicate with people from different backgrounds especially that it was the first time for me to do so.

The article that I chose to put was talking about how these educational games can teach people other languages like Arabic. I was so surprised to know this useful information that I never knew before. Actually through this process  I was so amazed by the amount of the knowledge and experience and I knew.

This  is the photo that I posted for the other people to guess.



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