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Although designing a game was a hard task , it was funny. Many ideas came on our minds while deciding what we are going to do. I really enjoyed making the game with my group especially that we worked together in the last project also. Our idea was to make three puzzles, every piece of each puzzle has a question on the back. It is a team game, where every team is supposed to answer the question , and if they answered it right , they would get the card. The team who wins is the first who complete the puzzle. Teams can trade the cards with each other in order to finish their own puzzles with money.

After having the idea we started working on the design. We chose three pictures then we printed them out. We bought a cardboard and we cut the pictures into 8 pieces then we stick every piece on a cardboard piece. Then we made the questions together. We insisted not to make all questions memorization questions. We put many types of  questions such as, problem solution questions and other creative questions , and we made a catalogue for the rules of the game and the answers of the questions and picture of the full puzzle. Then we made a box for the game. The final stage was experimenting the game in the class. Fortunately, we received very good comments from the people who played the game. Then we tested it again in the library , and again we got a positive feedback.

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