Liquefy The Syllabus

In general I really liked and enjoyed this course. Most assignments and tasks were engaging and funny. However, there are some little issues that I didn’t like very much.

Firstly, the blog posts reflections on videos. Actually, I didn’t find this videos very beneficial. That’s because this course is teaching creativity , and I don’t think that our creativity will be enhanced through out some videos. Also, I think  that this part of the course wasn’t very interesting. I felt in this part that this course is similar to any other ordinary course.

secondly, Not Yetness was very useless , and I didn’t gain any benefit from it.  Actually it wasn’t a good idea to spend the assemble hour in attending a lecture. All of us were tired and we weren’t very attentive in the lecture. Moreover, I think its topic was a bit boring.

In my opinion the most interesting thing in this course is the final projects because in this parts we were really learn to be creative , and to make a whole project from scratch gives us great experience. Also, cretopia  was very beneficial and interesting. That’s because we also worked in groups to define and solve a problem. Therefore, I think that if all the assignments and the tasks on this course are engaging and deal with real life problems , this course will be more beneficial and interesting.

I decided to change the grading system in my  visual syllabus and I made some modifications on the design of the syllabus itself.


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