Final reflection

Before starting this course I have never thought that creativity can be taught. I thought that it is an innate talent. Actually even when I first chose to take this course , I didn’t believe that I will be creative at the end of the semester. Especially that I don’t concider myself as a creative person. At the very beginning of classes   I was amazed by how this class was different from any other class. The methods which were used in learning were very interesting and funny. I think this was the first time for me to love attending classes. In each and everyday we were learning about new stuffs that can help us in dealing with our daily lives. I think one of the things that I didn’t like at this calss was the assignments of writing reflections on videos. Actually I don’t believe that this is a beneficail way of enhancing our creativity. However, some how I learned new things that I didn’t know about them before by watching these videos. For me the most interesting video is the one which talks about the two sides of creativity. The inside components which are( knowledge , imagination , attitude) and the outside are( habitat, culture and resources). This video enabled me uderstading many conceptions about creativity that I never know them before. In addition there were many other tasks that benefited me in this course. For example, the unofficial CV helped me to discover new aspects about myself, and helped me to know more about the unique features about me. AUC time capsule was one of the most creative tasks in this course. The idea of time travel was very exciting , and this idea of putting some things from out time for the people in the future was amazing and really creative. Redesigning a gift was also a very new and creative idea, and I learnet also from it the empathy and how to put yourself in other people shoes. Another task was the data app pitch. In this task out mission was to create an app for the food bank , which made me feel that creativity not only can be used for achieving prosperity , but also to help poor and needy people. Creatopia for me was a very funny and creative way of learning. The idea of having a problem and we need to work on it as a group to make a creative solution was very interesting and creative. Moreover, it hepled me alot in getting an idea of the educational games and their aims, and inspired me to craete our group game. However, I think one of the tasks that need to be changed in this course is Notyetness. I can’t say that I really benefited from attending this lecture. It was a bit boring and useless that almost all of the class didn’t like.

I can’t deny that the most effective and interesting tasks in the course are the final two projects.

At the fisrt project we chose to solve a problem for the food bank. Therefore, we went there and we interviewed some of the officials there. From these interviews we found their main problem that we will work on.  Me and my group me several time to think, prototype and design our final solution. Honestly, I can can strongly admit that I really had fun in this task and I benefited alot.

The second project was about designing an educational game. At first I found that this project was a bit harder than the first one. That’s because I didn’t know alot about educational games , and I never played them before. However, after thinking with my team on several ideas we came up with our final idea and after this everything was easy. After finding the idea the project became very funny. Imagine that your final project was designing a game isn’t this very fuuny? I really enjoyed in this project.

I think if all the course is engaging like these final two projects , we will benefit more and have more fun.

I think that the biggest obstcale that I faced in this course was the reflection which we were writing. That’s because I found that most vidoes were boring and with no big benefit.

The most important thing that I have learned through this course is that there is no impossible , and that we can do and learn everythings. I also knew that our small ideas that we think that they are useless can turn to be great projects that can serve many people. I’m sure that maybe after a while when I will create my own magnificent idea , I will remember Dr. Hoda and Dr. Maha who taught me how to think creatively.

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