I really loved attending creatopia  because I think that it was very beneficial , and I learned a lot about how educational games should be and how to start designing them. I met some of the people who designed these educational gamed and all of them were creative and their games have a purpose. I  was really happy with this experience , and I saw many games that I really like and meet my desires.

One of the games was made to make people know about music. It is divided into four categories .A person can play it by spinning an arrow to stop at a certain point and then you listen to a piece of music and guess what is it or to know about music instruments or music history. Actually I liked this game the most because I love music, but I have one objection about it which is this category of history. That’s because me personally don’t like history and I think there is a lot like me.

the board of the game



Another game that I  saw which is considered the most beneficial was a game of recycling where there is a collection of bottles and things like this , and then people are asked to build a creative design with the help of these materials and the best design wins.

sr2a kteeer.jpg

I decided these two games specifically because I found the first one very enjoyable and funny for me because as I mentioned before I’m in love with music, and the second one was very beneficial because it will help us having a cleaner world.

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